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Dacia Cars and 4x4s

Dacia Duster and Sandero

Dacia, pronounced “Datch-ee-er” or "ˈdat͡ʃi.a]", Is bring its first car to the UK Market this year, the Dacia Duster 4x4.

Dacias tag line is "Shockingly Afforable" and with ther latest 4x4 set to be priced at less then £10,000 you can see why.

Who is Dacia

Dacia started life as a Romanian car manufacturer in 1999 they was bought out by Renault. Through shared technology and production methods, Renault has helped Dacia become an icon in its own right! In fact Dacia sold over 348,000 vehicles worldwide in 2010 alone!

Are Dacias Reliable?

in the 2010 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, in Germany, Dacia finished second, just behind Audi, so we would say so!